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Founded in 1988 by Mr. Guy St-Amour under the name of "Les Expertises
Guy St-Amour", the company has rapidly made its mark fostered by Mr.
St-Amour's growing reputation and exceptional work ethic.

Over the years, the founder has succeeded to instill his values and vision that have inspired all the appraisers that have joined his team ever since.

With the addition of the Quebec City office in 2008, the company name is changed to become Groupe St-Amour. Our growing recognition within the industry has prompted yet another phase of accelerated growth.

When Mr. Guy St-Amour retired in 2010, the direction of the company was handed down to Mr. Philippe St-Amour and Isabelle St-Amour who in turn have managed to further enhance the company's reputation for excellence through best practices and business innovations that have contributed to increased productivity.

Today, Groupe St-Amour is composed of more than 30 employees throughout
our Laval, Québec City and south shore offices.


"Our mission consists in providing detailed and precise appraisals with objectivity, impartiality and rigor that takes into account the specifications of each assigned mandate and compliance to customer deadlines."


Philippe St-Amour


Isabelle St-Amour


Bernard Caron
Yves Ménard
Jean Rousseau
Maxime Bégin
Marc Michaud