Groupe St-Amour (GSA) is a leading company specialized in appraisal of damages to residential, commercial or industrial property as well as to machinery and equipment content in a wide range of spheres of activity.

Our team of appraisers average more than 15 years of experience in property damage appraisal and have gained recognition for their dedication and commitment to quality behind each assigned mandate.

Our company caters to all regions throughout Quebec and eastern Canada from our Laval, Quebec and south shore offices. We offer detailed, precise and timely appraisals tailored to our customer needs.



Administrative offices, boutiques, stores, cafeterias, food distribution, garages, grocery stores, hotels and motels, pastry & butcher shops, pharmacies, festaurants and bars.


Bakeries, carpet manufacturers, climatization, refrigeration, coffee roasters, dairy industry, food industry, printing plants, meat packing industry, metal industry, milling industry, plastic industry, research labs, slaughterhouses, textile industry, timber industry.


Colleges, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, universities.


Single family dwelling, semi-detached house, town house, executive home, multiplex, condominium, apartment building.

Detailed, complete and precise evaluations
Efficient report production lead times
Exceptional customer service
Emergency service 24/7
Multidisciplinary team
State-of-the-art software tools for enhanced productivity